What You Need to Know About Graphing

Kari Klarich
Final Power Point Project

I chose to do my power point on collecting and organizing data to help students understand the concept of graphing. I am really interested in teaching math when I am done with school, so I wanted to find something that I knew I could use in the future.

My power point has many different pages that will help students understand what a graph is and how to organize and develop different kinds of graphs. I have four main sections in my power point which are: what is a graph, graphing ideas, different kinds of graphs, and how to collect and organize data. I feel that my power point presentation will be very useful, and has everything in it a student would need to know about graphing. This power point would be a great way for me to introduce graphing to my classroom, so they feel more comfortable and familiar with it before they start creating graphs on their own.

I feel that collecting and organizing data is a very important concept that everyone needs to know how to do. It is a great way to visualize and compare many different things. It will give the students a beginning idea of how to see equalities (greater than, less than, equal to). There are so many fun ways you could incorporate graphing in every subject, and I feel that this power point is the perfect way to open the door and make the students excited to learn how to graph. I feel that the power point I put together will grab the students attention, especially when it gets to the movie and the game section. If students have something that they can interact with and play with, it will keep their attention longer and get them more excited and interested to learn.I really enjoyed learning how to do this, and know it will come in handy in the future!

I really learned so much about power points, and felt that everything worked really well and I understood how to do it. The only thing I had a hard time with was that my computer had different fonts so when I came to school to finish it up it was all over the place with uneven aligning. The main thing I really enjoyed learning about was how to link a page to another page that helps the power point flow. I never knew there was a return button you could implant into a power point, or that you could link and embed videos, sounds, and games. I only knew the main concept of power points, but I never all the secrets of how to really have one fun and interactive.