Lemonade for Sale!

Book Title: “Lemonade for Sale!”
Author: Stuart J. Murphy Illustrator: Tricia Tusa

Utah State Standard: This activity is online on the Utah Education Network (UEN), www.uen.org under Utah Curriculum Resources, elementary math, 3rd grade.

Learning Objective: Students will how to collect, organize, and display data to make predictions by constructing their own graphs based on the data they gather.

Intended Learning Outcomes: Reason and communicate mathematically, and represent mathematical situations.

Material Needed: Lemonade for Sale book, rubric for graphs, Lemonade for Sale summary, markers, notebook to gather information, Lemonade for Sale graphs.

Background for Teachers: Students should be involved in collecting and describing data. Students will construct their own graphs based on data they collect from reading Lemonade For Sale. (www.uen.org)
Rubrics for graphs help students understand the requirements needed to complete a graph.

Instructional Procedures:
Have students glue the Rubric for Graphs onto inside cover of journals.
  1. How much lemonade do you think the children will sell?
  2. Will they sell the same amount every day of the week?
  3. Is there a day that might be better than another day of the week? Why do you think?
  4. Make any other predictions the students may have ideas for.
  5. Pass out the Lemonade Graph.
  6. Have students follow along and create the graph in student journals as the teacher reads the //Lemonade for Sale Summary//.
  7. Use the Rubrics for Graphs to complete the graph. (www.uen.org)

Here are two fun games that will help you learn how to gather data and graph:

Data Picking

Check out the game Data Picking! It is a fun way to collect data and match it to the correct chart. Test your skills and see how many levels you can beat! Just click on the icon to the left and it will take you right to it.

Theme Park Favorites

Look at data on Theme Park Favorites and draw your own conclusions about the information you gather. Just click on icon to the left and it will take you right to it!

click to listen

Listen to: The Bar Graph Song/Dance: Teaching the understanding of bar graphs.

Additional Links:

Illuminations has 106 online activities available to help students with math in every area.


PBS Teachers is a website for teachers to help them plan math lessons. This icon will take you to lesson plans for grades 3-5.


NLVM is a website with several virtual manipulatives to help students visually understand different math concepts.


1. What is UEN?

It is Utah's educational network that provides opportunities for students and teachers to find material based on the curriculum to help them find beneficial information and activities that are approved by the Utah State Office of Education.

2. Why is it important and valuable?

UEN is important and valuable because it gives students and teachers legitimate resources and information.

3. How might a teacher and yourself use UEN (in addition to what you have modeled)?

I have found that UEN has been very helpful for me to find information for reports, and to help me understand math by being able to use virtual manipulative available on their site. It would also be helpful for a teacher to get on the UEN website and be able to enhance their lessons using some of the ideas posted.