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In your discussion group explain each wiki and the difference between them, which wiki would be best used for a classroom setting and why.
What is a wiki?
Wiki is a quick and basic web page (that can quickly be updated. Wiki means quick.) design to share documents between computers without prior knowledge of HTML and coding Each page of information is part of the entire web site.  A form of communication between individuals by editing a page.
Why a wiki?

Wiki is useful because it is easy to create and navigate. Wiki is a great tool when working in a group setting, because everyone can add and edit text easily and collaborate ideas/thoughts on a variety of project Wikis are very similar to Encyclopaedia Britannicas, and practically as accurate. Just like using an encyclopaedia, users can search for any article on any subject, read it, then make changes if they have something extra to add. It is easy to operate and you can share knowledge or ideas with many people.

Based on the reading and your surfing of wikis how may a Wiki be used as technology for communication?

Wiki is a great tool that teachers can use to collaborate with one another and receive input on their lesson plans and ways of teaching. It can also be a great way to share the notes that were taken in a meeting and if another person in the same meeting were to catch something that the scribe or person taking notes, it’s a easy way for them to share what they got with the whole group in one setting without needing to send a email.
I was going to write the same thing. I think this would really be a helpful tool as a teacher to collaborate with other teachers. There are so many teachers that have such good ideas for lessons and it would be great to be able to share them with one another. I also agree that wiki would be so much easier to use then just emailing each other back and forth. This exercise has been really helpful to show us how useful wiki can be. Since wikis contain such a storehouse of knowledge, and include the capability of using graphics, audio and video, they are invaluable resources for educators, and members of business organisations who need to do/share research on any particular topic. Teachers can use Wiki when they need to communicate something to eachother quickly. Teachers can also share lesson plans and other teaching topics with one another.
Examine wikis
There are several wikis to choose from below are just a few listed. You will need to Google each one to find the web pages explaining them.

PmWiki- is a wiki-based system that collaborates projects and maintains websites. It has an edit link that makes it easy to modify existing pages. You can choose to let a group modify project, or restrict it to a smaller group. No knowledge of HTML or CSS is required. The editing is left open to the public, or a small audience of authors. Is a webpage in which it is left open for the puplic to change and modify existing content.

Media Wiki- is a free software open to public that was originally used for Wikipedia, but now has several non-profit websites active. There are five main links: Users, System Administrators, Developers, Current Version and News. Free software. Allows you to manipulate the page without damaging the current page.

Instiki- is a lot like wiki, but with strong focus on ease of installation and running. This website is another site just like a wiki, but it is easy to install and run. It has many features e.g. regular expression search, revisions, export to HTML, RSS feeds, multiple webs and password-protected webs. It is similar to a Wiki. It is easy to set up. It supports file uploads, LaTeX export, RSS feeds, Slideshows and much more.

WetPaint- are websites that are easy to start and easy to expand, because you can invite anyone you like to add text, photos, links, and other content to your Wetpaint site. To add or edit content, all you need to do is click the EasyEdit button to activate an editing toolbar similar to what you'd see in programs like Microsoft Word. This website is geared more towards teenagers. It has links for TV shows, fashion, gossip, spoilers, photos, videos and TV stars.

PBwiki (Peanut Butter Wiki)- hosts over 300,000 educational workspaces, and has helped transform teaching and learning for millions of students, parents and teachers.Many schools are using this as their collaborative learning environment PBwiki is a website not only for educators, but also for businesses and for personal use. Educators, businessmen and women and others can learn to build web pages, embed images and videos, post documents, store information for Library use and share information between students, faculty and staff in school districts, to name a few uses. Makes learning more collaborative and provides access to information sources, book lists, and links to articls. You can store resources for furture use.

Wikispaces- are free and simple web pages that groups, friends, and families can use and edit together. Wikispaces is home to the Canvas website for universities. It is a site that contains information about the courses students are taking. It lists access to the Home Page, Syllabus, Announcements, Modules, Assignments, Grades, People, Pages and Calendar. It is a very useful tool to keep track of all the work students have to do each semester. Create a free webpage where you can share information with people and they can also edit incorrect information or share more information.
Based on your surfing of the above wikis answer the following quesitons
  1. Describe the elements of the wiki. Is a web page depending on the creators choice can allow for many people give input and edit entrees. It allows for open discussions between people. Can be set up to be extremely open, extremely private, or some pages to be kept private and some open. Wikis are websites than can be brought up-to-date quickly. They are for public use. They can be edited anytime, anywhere, by anyone. Users can research any topic and make changes if they want to. Each page of information is part of the entire site. A free web page where you can edit and create pages. Wiki is easy to use and you can edit peoples pages whenever you want to. It is a great way to share information just by sitting at your computer.
  2. What do you like about the wiki? I like that the wiki allows for easy access to work as groups in the classroom. I like that it can be as private and open as you would like. I like how easy it is to create pages and change the format. I have really enjoyed learning about it for this class assignment. This has been the easiest way to do a discussion between peers. It helped me out a ton to be able to finish up a group assignment at home instead of having to meet after hours to complete. I could really see this useful for me in the future to be able to communicate in the work place, school, and with friends and family. It is really user-friendly that I feel everyone would be able to learn how to use it fast. I like the fact that there is so much information so readily available, about anything, and that people can communicate easily using these types of websites. I think collaboration can be a powerful thing. I like how easy it is to opperate. I also like how it can be used to work on things as a group online rather than trying to find a time where everyone can meet. I will definetly use this in my future teaching.
  3. What are the pros and cons associated with wikis? Pros: It is easy to create pages. Makes working as groups possible without having to schedule a time to meet with other people when scheduling can be difficult. Easy to make links and insert pictures. Easy to edit.
    Cons: although it is easy to edit, it would be hard to trust that those who have been invited to our wiki page will use it appropriately.
    I can't really think of any cons to be honest. Maybe it would take away from face-to-face communication, but in our fast pace world sometimes we need something that is a little more convenient like this, so we can communicate and complete assignment from any location Pros: fast and easy accessibility to a large amount of information. Technical know-how is not required. Text, graphics, audio and video form part of the individual sites. Cons: Just how up-to-date and how accurate is all that information anyway? Pros: Easy, fast, you can share information with anyone, you can manage who is allowed to edit your Wiki. Cons: People could change your Wiki anytime and sometimes they might change it to something that is incorrect.
  4. How can wikis be used in the classroom and change a classroom? The wiki can be used as a great way for teachers to communicate with parents. Also a good way for the parents to be able to monitor what is suppose to be accomplished as homework. Also can make teaching more interactive for the students. It can also be used as a great way of communication through faculty (teacher to teacher, or even administration to teacher), and also student could also communicate with teachers and peers. There would be a lot more interaction throughout everyone involved in a classroom, and I feel that students would be able to get a lot of questions answered through using wiki. Computer Specialty Teachers could teach students how to access a variety of wikis, and show them how to use and retrieve the infomation for individual and group assignments in school. They would also be very valuable resources for homework projects. Wiki can be used to communicate with students, parents, and other teachers. You could post grades on it so that the parents know how well their child is doing in school, you could post notes from the class discussion so that students can later go study or print off notes, and the parents can also be informed on what the child is learning.
  5. Describe what it takes to manage a wiki
 Knowing how to create a new page and organize it. Need to know how to upload images and to create links. You would also need a group that was willing to participate, and interested in sharing their thoughts and idea. A good working knowledge of PBwiki, PMWiki, Instiki,and MediaWiki would be very important to know how to proceed in order to manage a wiki. Otherwise, a project like this could end up in disaster! Knowledge of how to create a web page and what things you should have on there. How to upload pictures, change text, and create links that take you to different pages.
I mentioned in the reading that wikis are the best and easiest tool to use do you agree or disagree explain the reason why.
I agree that the wiki is the best and easiest tool to use. I think that because it is easy to set up it is easy for anyone to use. Also I think it is a great way to provide communication between the teacher and parents because you can’t always rely on the homework getting told to the parent by the student. Also it’s a great way that you could set up assignment where the student submits their homework as a page and they gain more skills in using technology to learn. I was a little overwhelmed at first because this was nothing like any of the other web pages I have used, but found out in a short amount of time how easy it was to use. It could really be a great way to learn if you had students in your group willing to participate. I think this would be a really good activity for the whole class to use together. I really like the whole idea of a wiki, especially, the convenience of the whole thing - easy access to information, constant editing, instant collaboration etc. Very 21st century! I agree it is very easy and a reliable source of information from teacher to parent. When I have children in school I would love to have this form of communication with the teacher to know where the child stands in their learning and what they could improve on.

Review the following wikis. These are the ones I have provided. As a group find one other wiki that would be a good wiki to use in the classroom OR find a good wiki site already developed that teachers are using. Post the wikis on the group leaders wiki page.

Best Educational Wikis
Educational Wikis
Mrs. Maine
WikiWiki Teaching
Zoho Wiki
As a group explain how you all would use a wiki for the classroom please be detailed.

I would make sure that my wiki would have my information on how to be contacted with questions. There would be a page that would have descriptions on the assignments given and their due dates. Also probably links to websites that can be used to do learning activities. Also could use a wiki as a way to do a research assignment in groups that would also teach how to create a wiki and use it to communicate with their assigned groups. Also would include links to pages where student might find more information about something we talked about in class.
I think you about covered it. I think this is a great way for us student to communicate with each other. I know after class I have a lot of questions that I need answered before the assignment is due and think that if we had access to each others wiki's then we could get those questions answered. 
My classroom wiki site would be a place to share e-student portfolios, slideshows, projects, videos etc. A site for ideas on how to be successful, think positively, learn to manage stress, eat right and exercise etc. A site to teach reading strategies. A site to chat with fellow students and ask questions. A site where students and parents could download/upload information and a site to contact the Teacher at any time. I would post grades, lectures, and upcoming information for the students and parents to access. That way they know exactly what I an teaching and where their child stands.