Kari Klarich
Kristine Jorgensen
Sara Nelson
Sarah Williams

Kristine Jorgensen
Getting married in July. Favorite color pink. She likes to sing. Wasn’t an education major at first but recently changed because she loved her volunteer work.
Schools Embrace the iPad:
There are many Pros and Cons to iPad use in the classroom. Pros include: They save money on textbooks and paper in the long run. They classroom can be expanded beyond its walls. There are many education applications available. Some of the Cons Include: There is a worry that we are investing our money into iPads without any research being done to prove their effectiveness. There are less costly options. One professor said you could do everything that an iPad could do for hundreds of dollars less. School districts are struggling with approval for their budgets so they won’t have any more layoffs and program cuts but yet they are paying for iPads?
Kari Klarich
Doing hair for 8 years. Had a good job so she postponed teaching. Always wanted to be a teacher. Will be at the Wasatch campus.
Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and the Schools:
Disagreements between older and younger teachers. Some say that the older testing is the best approach. Technology allows the ability to customize the curriculum. Students are more confident if the curriculum is more customized for their needs. A lot of students are doing other types of schooling with technology (homeschooling.) K-12 schools aren’t the only ones benefiting from technology. College students do courses online. You can receive an education wherever you are with technology.
Sara Nelson
Been married for 8 months. Always wanted to be teacher. Starting program in the fall. Hopefully get through math with Kristine!
Computers in Early Childhood Education:
Woman interviewing a doctor. She asked if young children age 3-6 brains were well suited for the use of technology? And if there was too much/too little technology? Doctor said you need to find the right balance. Technology can be beneficial.
Sarah Williams
Has a 3 year old. Was a nursing major but changed to education. Starting in the spring. Teaches art at an elementary school in Riverton
Kindergartners Explore through Project Based Learning:
At Auburn Early Education Center in Alabama the children were in charge of their own learning. They had to find their own answers to their own questions. They were learning to be independent while the teachers were guiding them to the answers to their own questions. The article also talked about putting smart boards in classrooms. With smart board you can address all the learning styles including: Audio, visual ,and kinesthetic.

Technology is not the future. Technology is Now!

Part 2

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I feel that technology plays a major role in our society and education system today. We can't push it away or be against it, because technology is here to stay and is only becoming more necessary in our every day lives. Computer technology should definitely be used in the classroom, because it helps the students become more hands-on with the curriculum and helps them find vital information way faster. With the technology now days students can learn way more in a short amount of time with information right at their finger tips and just a click away. It is amazing what computers can do now, and I feel everyone can benefit from using them for educational purposes.

Even though there are many benefits of using computer technology in a classroom there are also several drawbacks. Computer technology is very expensive, and it also takes a lot of time and money to train instructors how to use them. Computers have also been a problem in many schools with students using them inappropriately. It would be a lot of work to switch everything around and incorporate more technology in classrooms, but in the long run I think it would be very beneficial to all students and teachers. It is always scary to get use to new things, and I feel that a lot of people get stuck in their comfort zone and like to use what they are use to. Technology can be an intimidating thing, especially when you are just learning about new programs, but once people learned how to use new technology I think they would understand how beneficial it can be for everyone.
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I have always been scared of technology and have many barriers that make me less willing to be interested in learning about these advanced computer systems. I feel like right when I get comfortable with something, the program advances and changes on me. It is hard to keep up with everything coming out, and it is hard to learn how to work certain systems and find they are very complex. Sometimes I get very intimidated just looking at new technology that I am not familiar with. I know if I did know how to use all the different technology systems out, or used computers more often, then I would feel more comfortable learning about other technology systems as well.I feel the only way to overcome these barriers is to become more comfortable about technology used in the classroom and learn more about them. I am hoping this class will give me the opportunity to do so, so I can overcome these barriers and benefit from all the amazing things out there.