Group members
Becca Busby
Kari Klarich

Art By: Becca Busby
Reviewed By: Kari Klarich

1. The music brought a lot of emotion to the slides. The pictures were really good quality, and stayed with a theme. Really good editing techniques.

2. Everything met the assignments requirements, and I felt it was put together really well.

3. I really liked seeing how someone else used the editing techniques, and it helped me get ideas for myself when I use picasa program again. Like I said in question 1, I felt that the music and timing was nicely put together to help bring emotion to the art show.

Nicely done! I would give her an A :)

Art By: Kari Klarich
Reviewed By: Becca Busby

1. I really liked where the photos were placed in the show. The editing really enhanced the photos to make them appealing. I felt like the music helped with the flow of the show.

2. I think that Kari fulfilled the requirements that were required for this assignment.

3. One of the many photos that stood out to me is the photo with te potted plant on the ground and how when edited the pot stood out more.

Great work!!